• Diamond Club

  • Member Referral Program

    This incentive program is for those members who support FCICA by bringing a new member into the association. The benefits of the Diamond Club include:

    • Five Free Red Tickets at the FCICA Mid-Year Meeting and Convention
    • Dedicated Website Page, that provides the company logo with a link to their specific website
    • Club members will be recognized at the FCICA Mid-Year Meeting and Convention
    • Diamond Club members get 2x the red tickets (10 per event) when you refer two or more new members!
  • FCICA Membership Year Runs July 1st - June 30th


    2018 - 2019 Diamond Club Members:

    Sonny Callaham  
    Larry Chandler  
    Corey Dickerson  
    Amy Johnston  
    Spencer Luallen  
    Tim Mullinex  
    Mike Roberts  
    Rod Von Busch  



    2017 - 2018 Diamond Club Members:

    JR Allred
    Brent Fike
    Amy Johnston
    Pat Kelly
    Bob Wallum






    2016 - 2017 Diamond Club Members:

    Larry Chandler William M. Bird
    Tony Dominguez Halex Corporation
    Brent Fike Procedo
    Amy Johnston

    Kevin Phillips

    Mike Roberts Bonitz
    Jeff Sankiewicz Inside Edge Logo
    Pat Kelly