• Certified Installation Manager (CIM) Program Certified Installation Manager (CIM) Program

  • About CIM About CIM

    CIM sets the industry standard for all those that are involved in the management of commercial flooring projects.

    The Certified Installation Manager (CIM) Program provides training tools and assessment for qualified professionals within the commercial flooring industry to enhance their core skill set, experience, and knowledge base, which are necessary to successfully manage commercial flooring projects. Individuals that reach this level of expertise will be easily distinguished by their achievement of the Certified Installation Manager (CIM) designation.

    This program is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter it contains. It is to be used with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional services. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

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    Fees are: $ 1,225.00 FCICA Members; $1,570.00 Non-Members for the Complete CIM Program (includes all Modules and Assessment Tests).

    CIM Scholarship CIM Scholarship

    The Bruce Newbrough Memorial Scholarship was established to provide educational opportunities to Floor Covering Installation Managers who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to and excellence in proper substrate preparation and installation of floor covering. Bruce Newbrough, as ARDEX Director of Technical Services and later Applications Development, tirelessly utilized every opportunity to further his vision and passion which was industry education and training on proper substrate preparation, all for the purpose of achieving successful installations. This is the foundation on which FCICA, the Flooring Contractors Association was built, and the reason that Bruce was a dedicated ambassador of this organization.



    Can I have more details about the CIM Program?
    More details can be found at www.fcica.com/cim
    How do I get the member price?
    To become a member of FCICA and take advantage of special member pricing, visit the FCICA website: www.fcica.com/member-benefits or call 248.661.5015
    How do I get started?
    The first step is completing your application. Once your application has been processed, you will receive information on how to register for your online courses. These courses will automatically update on your transcript as you complete each course and assessment.
    Internet browser requirements:
    The CIM learning system requires the use of Chrome or Internet Explorer (IE) 11 or newer, to ensure optimal performance. Check your system here.
    How long do I have to complete the program?
    You will have one (1) year to complete all of the modules and assessment tests.
    When will I receive my Certified Installation Manager (CIM) certification?
    CIM candidates will receive their Certified Installation Manager (CIM) certification upon successful completion of all modules and related assessment tests with an 80% or better score.
    How do I renew my CIM Certification?
    CIM certifications are valid for a period of (3) three years, during which time a total of (30) thirty continuing education credits relating to the flooring industry must be obtained. FCICA Conference registration and live webinar attendance will automatically be updated on your transcript. You can check your CIM certification status, submit other activities for credit, complete your renewal application and pay your renewal fee by clicking the button on the FCICA website: www.fcica.com/CIM.

    To submit your continuing education credits, please fill out the CEU form.

    Consult your CIM Candidate Handbook for more information on continuing education requirements.

  • WATCH: Project Management for Commercial Flooring

  • Utilizing the Estimate to Establish and Manage Installation Costs Utilizing the Estimate to Establish and Manage Installation Costs

    • Challenges in Preparing labor Estimates
    • Steps for Preparing an Accurate Estimate
    • Phases of Installation or Job Cut Offs-Materials Management
    • Type of Jobsite and Jobsite Environment Variables
    • Labor Sourcing –Specifications and Availability
    • Verifying Estimate to Jobsite- Pre-Walk Assessment
    • Best Practices for Preparing and Verifying the Estimate

    Planning the Job Planning the Job

    Challenges in Planning the Job
    Pre-job Review
    Steps for Planning the Job
    The Warehouse Manager’s Responsibilities for Planning the Job
    Hand-off Process
    Reading the Plans and Specifications
    Test Documentation
    Tools and Equipment Requirements
    Qualified Labor
    Best Practices

    Understanding Contractual Obligations Understanding Contractual Obligations

    Current Plans (All Addendums) Scope; Inclusions/Exclusions
    Change Order Protocol
    Approved Shop Drawings
    Attic Stock
    Labor Requirements – Regular Hours/ Off hours, T&M “Ticket Work”
    Moisture Testing
    Certified Payroll
    Project Meeting Obligations (Customer Contacts)
    Best Practices for Understanding Contractual Obligations

    Scheduling and Assigning Resources for Installation Scheduling and Assigning Resources for Installation

    Challenges to Scheduling and Assigning Resources
    Criteria for Superior Leadership
    Conducting a Work in Progress (WIP) Meeting
    Long-range Scheduling Pre-Installation Steps
    Short-range Scheduling Installation Steps
    Scheduling logistics – Material Delivery, Substrate Evaluation, Material Lead Times
    Best Practices for Scheduling and Assigning Resources for Installation

    Managing On-site Conditions Managing On-site Conditions

    Challenges to Managing On-Site Conditions
    The IM’s Responsibilities for Managing On-Site Conditions
    Manufacturer Installation Requirements
    Initial Meeting with Client
    Job Site Communications
    Staying on Schedule
    Best Practices for Managing On-Site Conditions

    Managing Materials on the Jobsite Managing Materials on the Jobsite

    Material Scheduling
    Accessibility for material delivery to area of installation
    Designate a location where materials can be stored during installation
    Coordinate deliveries
    Protecting the Flooring
    Properly protect installed material from other trades
    Best Practices for Managing Materials on the Jobsite

    Managing Change Orders On-site Managing Change Orders On-site

    Empower Foreman
    On Site change Orders
    When to Take the Foreman Out of the Picture
    Change Orders Addressed Up Front
    Contract Text
    Managing Deadlines
    Types of Change Orders
    Best Practices for Managing Change Orders On-site

    Financial Management: Budget vs. Actual Financial Management: Budget vs. Actual

    Challenges to Tracking Labor and Job Status
    Tracking the Labor Productivity and Job Status Process
    Punch List Sign Offs
    The Electronic Labor Tracking System
    Best Practices for Financial Management

    Handling Claims on the Jobsite Handling Claims on the Jobsite

    Understanding Product Claims
    Handling Adhesive Claims
    Complete Overview of the Claims Process
    Best Practices for Handling Claims on the Jobsite

    Closing out the Job Closing out the Job

    Challenges to Completing the Job
    Seven Job Completion Functions
    Punch List Completion/Sign Off
    Close Out Meeting
    O & M Documents
    Margin Erosion/Enhancement
    Best Practices for Closing Out the Job

  • The Following Companies Endorse the CIM Program

    AC Tech, Inc. · Advanced Adhesive Technologies · ARDEX Americas · Allstate Floors · Artistic Finishes · Beckers, Inc. · Bonitz Flooring Group, Inc. · Capri Collections · DCO Commercial Floors · Federated Insurance · FlashCove · FLEXCO · Flooring Services, Inc. · Full Spectrum Flooring Technology · GCP Applied Technologies · Gondola Train · H.B. Fuller Construction Products · Helmitin Adhesives · Inside Edge Commercial Interior Services · KOSTER American Corporation · Loba-Wakol, LLC · MAPEI Corporation · Metroflor Corporation · Michael Halebian & Company · Procedo Flooring · Protect-All Flooring · RFMS Inc. · Roppe Corporation · Royal Adhesives & Sealants · Schönox HPS North America · Seneca Millwork · Shaw Industries, Inc. ·  Sika Corporation · Spray-Lock, Inc. · STAUF USA LLC · Synergy Flooring · Tarkett · Texan Floor Service · TRAXX Corporation · UZIN, A brand of Uzin Utz Group · USG · Wagner Meters

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