Targeting Main Street Commercial, Multi-Family
    Metroflor Corporation has expanded its eponymous Metroflor LVT collection with a product designed for Main Street Commercial: Metroflor Déjà New, available the fourth quarter of 2018. The focused dryback selection of wood grain, concrete, abstract, and textile looks authentically captures natural building material finishes and colors. With a 20 mil wear layer and 2.5 mm gauge, Déjà New is suitable for a wide range of applications in the Main Street marketplace, including Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Corporate and Multifamily.
    Said Robert Langstaff, Metroflor’s director of design, “Déjà New was designed specifically for today’s ‘near future’ emerging color and design trends that are most popular for Main Street/commercial applications. It’s easy to mix and match colors within a design, or among different designs, because all are the same 2.5 mm gauge. With a little imagination, any or all SKUs can be used in innovative layouts such as herringbone, alternating colors, borders – there’s a lot of flexibility throughout the entire collection.” Déjà New is available in 4 wood grain plank visuals, 2 stone/concrete tiles visual, and 1 abstract plank visual.
    Oak Framing
    7” x 48”, 4 SKUs
    20 mil wear layer, 2.5 mm gauge
    Natural Timber embossing, micro-bevel edge
    Oak Framing is a new take on repurposed wood used to frame poured concrete. Its sandblasted finish evokes a more elegant, refined look in 4 timeless plank colors.
    Coastal Oak
    7” x 48”, 4 SKUs
    20 mil wear layer, 2.5 mm gauge
    Sawcut embossing, micro-bevel edge
    Coastal Oak is the classic answer to a palette wood grain in 4 exquisite colors with high contrast and rich, bold detail – ideal for the entire commercial spectrum, especially Retail and Hospitality.
    San Marcos Oak
    9” x 60”, 6 SKUs
    20 mil wear layer, 2.5 mm gauge
    In-Register embossing, micro-bevel edge
    San Marcos Oak is a new, quieter Oak, with fewer knots and refined graining. Not complacent, the design offers an elegant, natural flow of the woodgrain.
    Clean Oak
    9” x 60”, 4 SKUs
    20 mil wear layer, 2.5 mm gauge
    In-Register embossing, micro-bevel edge
    A larger, more authentic-looking plank in scale and texture, Clean Oak offers a contemporary look with no knots, even graining and subtle variation across the floor.
    Smooth Concrete
    24” x 24”, 6 SKUs
    20 mil wear layer, 2.5 mm gauge
    Rough Concrete embossing, micro-bevel edge
    The appeal of concrete remains a classic look in today’s use of building materials. Smooth Concrete is offered in a range of natural colors that work with most carpet and tile color collections.
    Belgium Weave
    16” x 32”, 6 SKUs
    20 mil wear layer, 2.5 mm gauge
    Linen embossing, square edge
    The simple and elegant stylized fabric texture of Belgium Weave makes a handsome floor especially for Healthcare, Corporate, Retail and Hospitality sectors. Create wayfinding and borders by using different color combinations from the palette.
    7” x 48”, 8 SKUs
    20 mil wear layer, 2.5 mm gauge
    Linen Embossing, micro-bevel edge
    The versatile Alleyway design with its Linen embossing evokes the look of roughed out slate made new again, with a range of primary brights and widely used, popular neutrals in a plank format. Along with accents for Hospitality and Healthcare, Alleyway can be used to create a Herringbone pattern.
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