• Lizzie Taylor earns Digital Event Strategist certification

    FCICA, the Flooring Contractors Association, announced that Lizzie Taylor, FCICA Director of Programs, has earned her Digital Event Strategist (DES) certification. The DES certification indicates training in key areas of focus to effectively plan, produce and measure the results of live stream and digital engagement events.
    “Earning my DES certification before FCICA has moved into hybrid and digital events really lets me take a good look at what we are doing now at our live events that is easily transferrable or will need to be improved to better translate to a live or on-demand digital audience,” shared Taylor. “I look forward to utilizing my newfound knowledge to improve FCICA’s current online offerings, as well.”
    FCICA, headquartered in West Bloomfield, Michigan, is the resource for premier commercial flooring contractors. Promoting the advancement and continuous development of Certified Installation Managers (CIM). Providing technical education, business support and industry expert networking. Delivering skills and knowledge to enhance the professionalism of commercial flooring contractors. FCICA is an international association whose contractor members serve the continental United States, plus Burma and Canada. For more information about FCICA: visit our website www.fcica.com or call 248-661-5015; toll free (877) TO-FCICA.

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