• Kimberly Jung joins FCICA staff

    July 05, 2018
    FCICA, the Flooring Contractors Association, announced today that Kimberly Jung joins FCICA as Program Coordinator. Kimberly was filling a temporary administrative role for FCICA and has now been permanently added to the team. She will oversee administration of FCICA programs such as the Certified Installation Manager (CIM) program and the FCICA event mobile app, as well as other administrative duties. Kimberly graduated from Michigan State University last year with a B.S. in packaging and a minor in graphic design.
    “I am positive that adding Kimberly to the FCICA staff will aid in the management and improvement of our current programs, as well as provide us with fresh insight and ideas for future initiatives,” says FCICA Executive Vice President, Kim Oderkirk.
    FCICA, headquartered in West Bloomfield, Michigan, is the resource for premier commercial flooring contractors. Promoting the advancement and continuous development of Certified Installation Managers (CIM). Providing technical education, business support and industry expert networking. Delivering skills and knowledge to enhance the professionalism of commercial flooring contractors. FCICA is an international association whose contractor members serve the continental United States, plus Burma, Guam and Canada. For more information about FCICA: visit our website www.fcica.com or call 248-661-5015; toll free (877) TO-FCICA.

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    Kim Oderkirk, Executive Vice President