• Product Spotlights

    AVA® SMPLâ„¢ is our rigid core plank with an attached cork underlayment for improved acoustical performance.

    SMPL is made with our exclusive HPC (High Performance Core) Technology that is waterproof and hides most common subfloor imperfections, so the subfloor requires minimal preparation.

    Bona R540 Moisture Barrier/Primer is a one-component roll-on moisture membrane specially designed to mitigate vapor transmission on absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors. Can be used for damp proofing concrete subfloors up to 95% RH & 18lbs when applied as a two-coat system. Dries fast allowing nail-down installation immediately.

    The Safe Way to Ease Moisture Issues Quickly!

    t ARDEX introduces the most comprehensive, single-source, in-floor radiant heat system available, ARDEX FLEXBONE® HEAT In-Floor Heating Systems.With precision German engineering and inspired design, ARDEX FLEXBONE® HEAT delivers customizable heat faster and more efficiently than other systems, using up to 11% less energy. The uniquely designed ARDEX FLEXBONE® HEAT Membrane is a 3-in-1 solution for heating, uncoupling and waterproofing.

    ARDEX FLEXBONE® HEAT delivers customizable heat faster and more efficiently than other systems

    Enduracor, our exclusive line of waterproof core accessories, is durable, water resistant, cost effective and a versatile solution for your flooring projects.

    When it comes to delivering the perfect moldings for your flooring lines, no one goes to the same lengths as Artistic Finishes.

    Tuflex Recycled Rubber Tile, manufactured by Roppe Corporation, is proudly manufactured in the USA using a patented process and a formula that is predominately recycled rubber. With FloorScore certification for indoor air quality and low VOC emissions, Tuflex provides a healthier environment for therapy rooms in healthcare facilities, veterinary offices, workout rooms or weight rooms in the gym as well as many other applications.

    With more than sixty years in production, Tuflex® Recycled Rubber flooring has been proven in the industry as the best option for sports and commercial applications.

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