• FCICA Events App

  • We've built a mobile app for FCICA Convention 2018 and the Commercial Flooring Trade Show! It has all the important information you'll need for the event, as well as features to enhance your event experience. Due to some Apple policy changes, our events are now hosted on a new app called AttendeeHub, available for both iOS and Android users. If you still have our previous FCICA Events app, feel free to remove it from your device as Apple no longer supports it.

  • EventApp_screenshot.PNG
  • Step 1: Download the App!

    The first thing you'll need to do is download the AttendeeHub app on the device(s) you're bringing to the event.

    Don't have iOS or Android? Go to https://crowd.cc/fcica-conv-2018 to use the mobile web version of the app and follow step 3 to login.

    Step 2: Open the FCICA Convention event

    Open AttendeeHub and search for FCICA. All of our previous event apps will display in the results under the "Past" tab. Click to download the FCICA Convention 2018 event under the "Current" tab. Once it is downloaded, open the event.

    Note: The Convention 2018 login process will not work on some of the previous events and some content will be locked unless you were an attendee at that event and use that event's login process to sign in again.


    Step 3: Log In

    Click the three-line icon in the top left corner of the event screen to open the menu, then click to Login at the top of the menu list.

    Enter your first and last name when prompted, then tap Next. Enter the email address you provided to FCICA when registering for Convention 2018 (the same one this email was sent to) and tap Next again. (If you would like to use a different address, please email elizabeth@fcica.com.)

    Locate the email you just received. You'll see your unique 4-digit verification code. Go back to the app and type that code in. Use this code to log into the Convention event in the AttendeeHub app on as many devices as you'd like. This code will expire after 24 hours, but a new code will be emailed to you the next time you try to login after the expiration.


    Step 4: Submit a photo for the FCICA Roster

    Be sure to check out the FCICA Roster and see if we loaded a picture of you. If we didn't or you don't like the one we used, send Lizzie a photo for the roster at elizabeth@fcica.com.

    Separate from the FCICA Roster is the Attendees icon, where you have total control over your own "business card" profile and can exchange contact information with others. This is a great networking feature, so take advantage of it, and updating your profile counts towards points for the 4-day challenge!