• CIM Code of Professional Conduct

  • All CIM Program certified individuals must agree to comply with the CIM Code of Professional Conduct as outlined below:

    • I will conduct my business and/or professional activities with honesty and integrity.
    • I will represent my certifications and qualifications honestly and provide only those services for which I am qualified to perform.
    • I will strive to maintain and improve my professional knowledge and competence through regular self-assessments and continuing education or training.
    • I will act in a manner free of bias and discrimination against any individual, product or manufacturer.
    • I will maintain the privacy of individuals and confidentiality of information obtained in the course of my duties unless disclosure is required by legal authority.
    • I will follow all certification policies, procedures, guidelines and requirements of the CIM Program.

    By signing and submitting your application for approval to the Certified Installation Program (CIM) Program, you attest to have read and understand the CIM code of conduct and will uphold it to the best of your ability. And further understand that failure to do so could result in the revoking of your CIM designation.

    Questions regarding the CIM code of conduct may be sent to keo@fcica.com